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Learn the exact steps I took to lose 12 kgs

Forget about controlling everything you put in your mouth. Forget about working out obsessively. 

Here's an approach to healthy eating that's actually doable!

*Starts on May 24th*

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You've spent years trying to lose weight.

You've spent hours every day in the gym and counting calories only to end up gaining weight because of the amount of times 
you sabotage yourself by pounding bags of junk food at the end of the day.

Even though your weight isn't excessive, it's crazy what gaining back a few kgs can actually feel like in your body.

You're unhappy with your body:

  • You think about your weight every time you get dressed
  • You think about your weight every time someone takes a photo of you
  • You think about your weight every time you're scrolling down on Instagram

And you have a full list of things you won't do until  you lose weight. Like a real list...in your notes app:

  • You have a beautiful dress that you won't wear until you're thin
  • You don't buy new clothes or get a new haircut because you tell yourself that you need to lose weight first
  • You feel like you can't live fully or have nice things just because you have to punish yourself for being overweight

Your life is on hold.

And you feel like you've tried everything:

  • You've tried to not buy junk food
  • You've tried to drink more water
  • You've tried to track everything you eat

But you can't make yourself care for longer than two weeks.

You've blamed your weight on your genes and slow metabolism. But the reality is, you binge daily. You eat when you're not hungry. You know you have a problem with food but you can't bring yourself to fix it.

You've tried controlling everything you put in your mouth and working out obsessively. Neither has worked out the way you'd hoped.

Strict dieting has sucked the fun out of social situations.

You struggle with willpower. Overeating is your deep rooted default habit in response to boredom, stress, and anxiety. Oh...the amount of times when you aimlessly browse the pantry and fridge in search of the right food to satisfy your cravings!

Sometimes  you can stay on track all day, then 10 or 11 pm hit and BAM! Late night snacks (leftover mac & cheese?!?) ruin everything. And then, the guilt and shame are insane so you find yourself exercising at midnight to try to burn off the extra calories.

It's exhausting trying to figure it out on your own, right? You don't want to be this obsessed with eating. 

But how do you get started with healthy eating? 

How do you get the willpower to stay focused for more than a few days?

How do you get the motivation to change?


7-Day Wellness Reset

An online health coaching program designed to help you let go of restrictive dieting in just 7 days.

Life is too short to be counting calories, counting macros, feeling guilty about what you ate last week. Enough is enough! 

You'll be able to not only say good-bye to strict diets, but also to punishing exercise, self-doubt, guilt, and shame.

I'll teach you how to balance your meals so that you can nourish and support your body and your health, while also enjoying the not-so-healthy foods you love.

We'll work on improving your mindset and daily habits to make sure they support your goals and lead you to begin a positive flywheel of self-improvement that will impact all areas of your life.

Join a community of like-minded women who encourage and motivate each other to break free from the binge eating cycle forever. For the first time in your life, you'll feel truly understood.

This program will help you get your confidence and motivation back.


Imagine if you could...

  • Had the motivation to eat well
  • Developed a healthy body image
  • Stop being crazy around food
  • Were surrounded by people who understand you
  • Felt satisfied after eating and no longer had urges to overeat or binge eat
  • Could feel revitalized, happy and fulfilled
  • Had someone to keep you accountable and to provide encouraging words when you need them
  • Could walk around with confidence again

all of these are possible for you! 

I'm going to teach you the exact steps I took to lose 12 kgs without dieting

What will you Get When You Sign Up?

  • A daily video module and downloadable workbook that will walk you step by step through the process of adopting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and letting go of the diet roller coaster you've been on
  • A one-on-one 20 minutes coaching call with me that you can schedule anytime during the duration of the program 
  • A private Facebook community of like-minded women who provide encouragement and accountability when you need it 

What will you need?

  • An internet connection
  • 30 minutes a day to watch the video and complete the workbook
  • 100% commitment to achieving your goals
  • To be 18 years old or older

Here’s what people are saying about Adri's Programs

"I used to be so intent with strict regimented food and exercise programs that if I deviated, I would lose my focus for several days and even just move onto another food program. That stopped with your 80/20 approach and your focus on eating real, fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods. I had been looking for a wellness coach for years and no one was quite the fit until I found you. You are a wonderful coach and you make this entire process easy, meaningful, and understandable. So hats off to you!"

Wanda - 7-Day Wellness Reset & The Wellness Method

"I was pre-diabetic when I started Adri's program. With her support and guidance, I was able to lose 8 kgs, lower my blood sugar, and significantly improve my cholesterol levels."

Kelly - 1:1 Coaching

"For the first time in a long time, I don't feel the urge to weigh myself. It's so liberating."

Sara - 1:1 Coaching

"I used to struggle with binge eating and with a lot of guilt around my food choices. We were able to understand why some patterns repeat in my life, what I can do to prevent them and what to do when they occur, without judgement and without guilt. I now feel stronger, both physically and emotionally. I'm able to pick myself up quicker after a stressful day and after not making the best food choices."

Dragana - The Wellness Method

"I feel more confident about my body and more motivated to treat it well. TWM is not another diet, it's a beautiful new lifestyle where you enjoy what you eat and feel confident about your food choices.

I now feel thinner, stronger and more energized."

Marce - The Wellness Method

"After TWM, I feel much better. I've been able to let go of a lot of food guilt. I now feel more confident with meal planning. Hearing the other ladies during the group sessions has made me realize that I'm not alone. Unlike most programs which only focus on one thing (nutrition or exercise etc), Adri's programs help you work in all aspects of your health."

Maria - The Wellness Method

""I loved your 7-day wellness reset. Loved the concept of mindful eating. Thank you for what you do."

Divi - 7-Day Wellness Reset

"After TWM, I feel safe around food and I can identify what makes me feel good and what doesn't. My digestion is better and I've found a more stable and balanced weight.

Every single day I feel beautiful and grateful for what my body does for me."

Michelle - The Wellness Method


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About Adri Fonseca

Hi! I'm Adri, a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. After spending over 10 years of my life counting calories, avoiding carbs, and over-exercising, and still not getting the results I wanted, I set out on a path to find a better way.

I started taking care of my body from a place of love, gratitude, and appreciation and managed to switch off the triggers that were causing my emotional eating. This new approach enabled me to let go of anxiety around food, and effortlessly lose over 12 kgs. I'm now passionate about helping other women quit fad dieting forever, heal their relationship with food, and find their ideal weight so that they become more confident in their body, happier, and healthier.

I no longer believe in dieting or deprivation. My programs focus on the power of eating real food, implementing nourishing self-care habits, and developing a positive mindset. I believe these three components are fundamental for living a happy, healthy life!

introductory price

$ 33

*This is the only time the program will be offered at this low price*
  • Access to daily video modules
  • Access to daily downloadable workbooks
  • One 20 minutes one-on-one coaching call
  • Private Facebook community
  • 3 bonuses


How does the program work?

You'll create a username and password to be able to access the program portal. Every day during the duration of the program a new video module and downloadable workbook will become available to you. You'll get access to a private Facebook community of like-minded women who'll provide encouragement and accountability when you need it. And you'll be able to schedule a 20 minutes one-on-one coaching call with me.

What if I don't have time to watch the daily videos?

You'll get lifetime access to the program, so you'll be able to watch the videos and complete the workbooks at your own time. 


What if I'm already following a medical treatment?

The aim of the program is not to replace any medical treatment, but to support your body and health in a natural way. The program will help you get better and more sustainable results from your medical treatment. 


Will it work for me?

There's no one-size fits all approach to health & wellness and this is why I've designed this program in such a unique way. I'll teach you how to tune into your body to understand its exact needs and how to satisfy them. We'll work together to find a way of eating and a lifestyle that works for YOU. 


Why is this program different?

You won't feel restricted.

You won't have to "starve" yourself or count calories.

I'll help you get amazing results by nourishing your body with lots of unprocessed, wholesome foods while also eating some of the non-so-healthy foods you love. I'll help you find the right balance. 

What if I'm injured and can't exercise?

You don't necessarily have to exercise to be able to reach your ideal weight. We'll focus on other aspects of your lifestyle that have an impact on your weight, health, and wellbeing.

And the good news is, the healthier habits you'll learn in the program will help you heal your injuries faster. 


What does the program include?

  • 7 Video Modules ($350 Value): All the theory and strategies you need to know to let go of dieting and easily adopt healthier eating habits that are enjoyable and sustainable, and that support your weight loss goals. 
  • One Private 20 Minutes Coaching Call with Adri ($50): You'll be able to schedule a 20 minutes live call anytime you need it, so that we can discuss any topics you're struggling with. 
  • Downloadable, Printable Workbooks, Guides and Recipes ($100 Value): These resources will help you review the most important topics and plan your for success.
  • A Guided Meditation ($50 Value): To help you reprogram the stories you have around food and your body, and to help you lower stress.
  • Private Facebook Community (Invaluable): Providing accountability and support from women just like you.

That's a total value of $550!

but you get access for only $33

introductory price

$ 33

*This is the only time the program will be offered at this low price*
  • Access to daily video modules
  • Access to daily downloadable workbooks
  • One 20 minutes one-on-one coaching call
  • Private Facebook community
  • 3 bonuses

You deserve to:

  • Feel confident in your body
  • Enjoy life without worrying about your weight
  • Feel happy and energized every day
  •  Walk into a store and choose any clothes you like knowing that you'll feel and look great in them!

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